Some great SEO tools that I use

Great SEO Tools

Here I have listed some great SEO tools that we use regularly. When we do search engine optimization for our own project or for a client’s website, we need to use those services. Hope this list will help you.

Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is rebranded as Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a great webmaster tool. It’s a free service offered by Google. It helps us to monitor and maintain a site’s presence in Google Search results. We can easily track our site’s search performance with Google Search Console. By using this service we can understand how Google views our site and then we can optimize its performance in search results. We can monitor and resolve malware or spam issues so our site stays clean.

Visit Google Webmaster Tool


Bing Webmaster Tools

Just like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools is also a great tool to monitor and maintain a site’s presence in Bing Search results. They are adding more features day by day for site owners.

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Website SEO friendliness checker

Seositecheckup is a great site to analyze a website’s common SEO issues. It’s very easy to use. Just paste your link and see the detailed SEO report instantly. It will check all the On page SEO factors of the web page. Then it will point out all the errors and also suggest you how to improve those errors.

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Testing robots.txt file

We use this tool to check the site’s robots.txt file. Also, it shows a site is following Google guidelines or not.

Visit varvy


Website safety checker tools

Norton website safety checker tool

Norton safe web checks a link is safe to browse or not. It is quite similar to McAfee’s site advisory listing tool.

Visit Norton safe web

McAfee’s advisory listing

This is another webpage security checker tool by McAfee.

Visit McAfee


Responsiveness checker

Website Mobile-Friendly Test by Google

We use this tool to check if a page has a mobile-friendly design or not. We need to enter a page link here. After observing the link it will show the result.

Visit Google


Website responsiveness checker

It’s a nice tool to check the responsiveness of a website. You can test and compare your website’s responsiveness on multiple devices at a time. Just type your website URL and see the immediate result.

Visit responsivechecker


Keyword Rank Checker

It’s a great free tool to check the site’s rank for a specific keyword. It will find out the site rank for the search term and show the number. Use this tool to understand your search engine ranking position.

Visit serps


Backlink checker

There are several websites from where we can check the backlink of a website.

To determine the number of backlinks and the domain authority of referring domain names use Moz.

Majestic is one of my most favorite backlink checker tools. This also provides Trust flow and Citation flow of a website.

Ahrefs is a complete competitor and backlink checker tool. You need to buy their subscriptions to use this tool.

Webmeup is another good backlink checker tool.


Some link sharing debugger tools

Facebook link sharing debugger tool:

We always share our link on facebook. We can use this tool to preview our link. We can check how facebook will display our link when someone shares our link on facebook. Even we can change the display style from there.

Visit facebook debugger tool


Twitter link sharing debugger tool:

Using this tool we can see the preview of our link on twitter.

Visit twitter debugger tool


Other important tools

What content performs best?

Buzzsumo helps us to identify what content is working well in a particular niche and who is influencing the market mostly. It will show us what content became the most shared on social networking websites. We can search for a specific niche or for a specific website.

Visit buzzsumo


Page Title Pixel Meter

I always use this tool before publishing an article. I check the title’s length in pixel format. Google doesn’t count the characters of the title tag. They display as many characters as will fit into a 512-pixel display.

Measure page title length


Wikipedia dead/broken link checker

Wikigrabber finds niche relevant articles that contain dead or broken links in Wikipedia. This is a great tool to find out Wikipedia pages that need dead or broken link replacements.

Visit Wikigrabber



Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated. Pingomatic will syndicate your URL to major content aggregators.

Visit Pingomatic


Google URL Shortener Service

This is a great URL shortener service from Google. Sometimes we need to short a long URL. We can use this free tool for creating a short URL if we don’t want to share the original link or long link.

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