Basic link building strategies for affiliate site

Basic link building strategies for affiliate site

If you run an affiliate website, then you know how difficult it is to rank nowadays. People use many techniques to get ranked such as collect quality backlinks. But there are many other ways as well to perform better. In this post, I will share the best link building strategies for a successful affiliate website.

So, what is the best strategy to collect backlink? I would say, the best strategy is to find competitor’s backlink. Then take a backlink from the same page. We can check competitor’s backlink using Ahrefs or Majestic SEO tools.

Some can think it’s a very difficult process. But, it’s not that difficult as it seems. Moreover according to many experts this is the most effective way. You can acquire the same backlink using some tricks. I am sharing some tricks here,

Comment backlink

If the link is a comment backlink, then comment on the same page. Don’t write something general like “your article is nice” or “You are a good writer”. Write something that will add some value and that is relevant to the article. So web master will think you are not spamming here. The possibility is 90% that web master will approve your comment.

Through web 2 site

Most of the competitors use Web 2 to rank his website. Register yourself on the same Web 2 website and apply the same strategy. Thus, you will get the same kind of backlink.

Through article publishing site

There are lots of websites who provide the opportunity to publish your article for free. Publish your article on those websites and get a backlink for free. Use only high quality websites.


Lots of competitors collect backlink from forums. This is also a good way to collect backlink. And this is very helpful too. Forum posting in relevant threads can drive highly targeted traffic to your sites.

Profile backlink

Collect some profile backlink from some good niche relevant websites. Profile backlink can be very powerful if you can do it properly.

Guest post

Lots of competitors collect editorial backlink through guest posting service. Contact with the site owner through their contact page. Tell them you can provide better article than others. Say it politely, and if they demand money, you can offer reasonable amount. Remember, an editorial backlink is very powerful.

Using the following search terms, we can find our niche relevant websites those accepting guest post on their websites,

Niche + “write for us”,

Niche + “guest post”,

Niche + “guest blogger”,

Niche + “writers needed”,

Niche + “blog for us”, etc.

Directory submission

Search for top directory sites list. Also, you can manually search in google for your niche relevant directory sites. Use these terms in google search box,

keyword + “submit url”,

keyword + “add url”,

keyword + “add link”,

Keyword + “directory”, etc.

Thus, you will get lots of niche relevant directory websites from google.

Press release submission

The press release can be a good source of backlink. Search for a list of free press release sites. Submit your link to some high quality websites.

Article directory

Submit an article to top article directory sites. Use only high quality websites. Collect the backlink targeting your main keyword.

Slide sharing websites

You can create some good presentation slide and upload them in different slide sharing websites. Thus, you can get a backlink from slide sharing websites. Don’t use the exact same slide to everywhere. You can make a few modifications before uploading them.

Other backlinks

Except those above mentioned tricks you can apply some other tricks to collect quality backlinks,

  • Infographic submission
  • Skyscraper technique
  • Social bookmarking
  • Answering in Question and Answer site like Quora, Yahoo answers
  • Social sharing
  • Uploading pdf in pdf sharing sites

Following above mentioned tricks could get you backlinks from more than 100 websites within a few months. Spend some time on collecting quality backlinks and enjoy traffic to your website.

Remember, it’s necessary to know the strength and weakness of your competitors. If you can identify the strength and weakness of the competitor’s website, it will make your work easy. And you can easily beat them. So, research properly and find the strength and weakness of the competitors. Then design your work plan based on the research.

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